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Forma i funkcja.

Po japońsku ‘kyūka’ oznacza życie jak wakacje. – Chcemy, aby nasze produkty pomogły Ci się odprężyć i przywoływały najpiękniejsze wspomnienia. Świece - rzeźby, w szlachetnej, porcelanowej oprawie, która zostanie z Tobą na dłużej.

Szukasz pomysłu na wyjątkowy, świąteczny prezent?

Świetnie zaprojektowane, ręcznie wykonane w podwarszawskim Milanówku z najwyższej jakości materiałów. Świece i pojemniki dekoracyjne to doskonały pomysł na prezent dla kolekcjonera designerskich perełek. Czy masz już swój ulubiony wzór?

Subtle and elegant

Kyuka Design

Designed for your ZEN moments

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They are brilliant

I'm totally moved! Something beautiful! I guess I'm a little crazy, because it touches me terribly when someone does such beautiful things :) They are brilliant. I will be doing the next order because I gave it to my relatives :)

Kasia Nosowska

Little Beauty

I want to show you something beautiful from Kyuka Design!

Filip Bobek

Full of delight

Candles from Kyuka Design are, in my opinion, a premium product. From the first opening of the package to placing it in the chosen place. I have full admiration for these things, it's like stepping out of a candle pattern as something that only smells. It is a combination of applied art with everyday life.

Brach Bear

I was lost

When I unpacked them ... lost ... Made of the highest quality porcelain and designed from a to the z by @kyuka_design , a small design studio, in harmony with nature, locally and handcrafted, they perfectly fit into my aesthetics and philosophy of life. Huge applause for these people, their candles not only have beautiful, sculptural forms, but the aromas prepared by the aromatherapist are stunning.

Beautiful things for home

I love beautiful things at home .. And these candles definitely belong to them ..

Zaneta Home

I am delighted!

I rarely admire new things, because I usually feel like I've seen it somewhere before, but in this case it's a really interesting idea, beautiful, a form that can be used later and amazing fragrances! And I have some time to enjoy them !!!

Basia Szafrańska

Love for beautiful things

Such a beautiful, delicate form with a hidden Ki candle from @kyuka_design My delight, my love for beautiful things ...


I'm delighted

I'm delighted. The containers are beautiful and the smells are such that oh! Thank you 💚


Is beautiful

Arrived and it's beautiful. I am honestly delighted with it.

Arkadiusz Grzędzicki

A work of design

This is truly a Designer's work. It is beautiful and the fragrance is captivating - exactly what I like.

Joanna, Manufaktura Sploty

Unique design

Candles as a work of art. When I saw them for the first time, they absolutely amazed me 😍The unique design, captivating shapes, so photogenic that I could still take pictures of them. When arranged as decoration, they raise the interior to a higher level. Beautiful 😍 I'm glad to have one ❤

Dagmara, MUFKA Photography

No. 1 for me!

Beautiful candles! No. 1 for me, and I am a candle freak;) Unbeatable, really unique fragrance (honey and tobacco) and beautiful packaging. I like the idea very much, I will definitely use the container later. For this a nice contact, instant shipping.

Zuzanna Lenart

The smell is beautiful!

The order was delivered safe and sound :). The smell is beautiful and the container is even more beautiful! Thank you.

Marta M.

Beauty has a new name

Perfectly refined details, captivating fragrance. Beauty has a new name: Kyuka Design

Goha @deerdesignbyconstans

The cup has arrived ...

... and my husband is delighted! I think I will have to order one more for myself :-) or will I be ecru? We like such things a lot! Congratulations on a beautiful project!



Tworzymy z pasji

Wierzymy, że dobry design oddziałuje na zmysły i pozwala poczuć się wyjątkowo. Nasza kolekcja łączy rzeźbiarską formę z elementem użytkowym.